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It has been 15 years when Sara Advocates and Legal Consultants started their work. We have worked for almost every field but one thing that we do with great consideration and effort is the Business field. Our Business Lawyer is highly qualified and well experienced. They have done a lot of study on the subject matter. Sara Advocates along with the Business Lawyer have been known internationally as well. Our Law Firms in Dubai have their own set of rules and they do all the things for the well-being of their business clients especially. That’s the reason that Sara Advocates for business have distinguished the following three categories especially for their business clients with specific Business lawyer:


  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Business Setup in UAE & Dubai Mainland.
  • Business Setup in UAE & Dubai Free zone.

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Business law manages the making of new organizations and the issues that emerge as existing organizations connect with people in general, different organizations, and the legislature. This region of the law draws on an assortment of lawful controls, including taxes, licensed properties, land, business deals and regarding laws, bankruptcy, etc. Business lawyer spend significant time in value-based work, which means they don’t only speak to customers inside the court but they also do work outside the court. They do a lot of research in knowing the opponent’s part weaknesses and strengths. The actual truth is Business Lawyers are frequently procured with the end goal of keeping away from future suit.


We deal in all the above fields with great efficiency and efficacy with our trained and well informed International Business Lawyer. Dubai very soon is going to have a world expo for the business setup and for that purpose you are going to need Business in Dubai and UAE.  Sara advocates provides you with world’s best Business Lawyer. The government has planned an investment plan of DH 25.7 billion for this project. And to have a business here, you are going to know the rules & regulations here which can be provided by Business Lawyer in Dubai only and Sara Advocates is a good choice for this venture. The Business Lawyer offer services for:

  • Getting Trade License
  • Registration of your Company
  • All Laws relating to business and tax details, etc.
  • Taxation Rules.
  • Legal Court notices to the opponents.
  • Proper assistance for business startup.


So, for having a business in Dubai come to Sara Advocates. You will get the best Business Lawyer here. There is also something to get noticed and that is the very low cost of hiring Business Lawyer from the Sara Advocates and Consultation.

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