Family Lawyers in Dubai

Sara Advocates and Legal Consultants also provide many services specially related to the Family Laws relative to the Dubai Law Firms system. Ever family had some problems and sometimes it comes to a point where one needs real assistance regarding the separation rules and code of conduct. For this purpose, you have Family Lawyers in Dubai.  We will help you whatever you need from our legal experts.


Presumption of Paternity during Marriage: 

You can consult the legal team of Sara Advocates, if you have any issue regarding your family issues. When it comes to the family, a lot of issues came out such as:

  • Child Custody
  • Transfer of Property from Parents especially from Father Side,
  • Divorce and Custody
  • Monthly Expenses of Child after Divorce etc.

All the Family and Custody Lawyers have been provided by us. The Sara Advocates in Dubai provides the best legal terms and facilities being one of the best Law Firms in Dubai UAE.


Managing Paternity Issues in Divorce:

Separation is seldom simple, however it can get significantly more confounded if there’s a question about the identification of your child’s father. For this purpose, the Family Lawyers in Dubai and UAE is provided by Sara Law Advocates. Take in more about the way toward building up paternity. For an assortment of reasons, it’s essential to set up the identification of your kid’s natural father. By having a DNA test done, we can demonstrate paternity issues easily.

Sara Law Firm’s will try to solve and give you the maximum advantages as our every client is very important and special for us. This is also a big question arising in all men’s mind. Don’t worry then, you got the best Legal law firm in Dubai. Family Layers in Dubai provided by Sara advocates is the best available option.


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There are some questions suggested by Family Lawyers in Dubai of Sara Law firm which should be asked by every parent in case of separation:


  • Changing a Child Visitation Schedule using our Family Lawyers in Dubai.
  • What will you do if you don’t have the custody of your Rightful Property which should be Yours after your parent’s death?
  • Are Internet visits calculated against my visitation time?
  • Can visitation be left without to a non-custodial parent?
  • If child support is not paid, must visitation be allowed?
  • My ex wants to relocate with our daughter to California. Can I ask the court to require Internet visits as a condition to have the child be relocated?
  • My ex-wife lives in a different place with our children. In which court do I file for a custody change?
  • What Happens to a Husband’s Rights if He’s Not the Father?
  • What does “frustration of child visitation rights” mean?
  • What is a visitation exchange? Ask Family Lawyers in Dubai.


Sara advocates Family Lawyers in Dubai & UAE is the answer to all these questions. All the Legal laws and relative Family and Custody Lawyers have been provided with a proper proficiency in the related fields. Our legal advisor’s inhabitant in Dubai have huge and generous universal involvement in family issues. You are free to ask anything from our Family Lawyers in Dubai

If all else fails about the most ideal approach to ask for an adjustment in appearance, the Sara Advocates, address a kid care lawyer in your general vicinity about your individual conditions from its Family Lawyers in Dubai department. All this will be done by Sara Law firm and its Advocates will guide you in the right direction. Please Contact us if you have any of the above mentioned issues.